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How Long Does it Take to See Weight Loss on Keto (Answered)

How Long Does it Take to See Weight Loss on Keto? (Answered)

Keto or ketogenic diet is one of the popular diet plans originally found for the treatment of epilepsy in children by Doctor Wilder [1]. The diet involves the consumption of high protein, high fat, and very low carb food. This induces a metabolic state in the body called ketosis which enables the body to use the reserved energy stored as fats.

Will Weight Loss Help Back Pain

Will Weight Loss Help Back Pain? (Remedies, Exercises, Causes)

Back pain has become a prevalent health condition in both male and female populations. While many factors can cause the condition, obesity seems to be one of the major factors influencing it. People with a large body mass index have a higher risk for back pain and especially lower back pain.

Best Ab Wheel for Beginners

8 Best Ab Wheel for Beginners (Guides, FAQs)

After performing cardio workouts, people go for improving and building strength in their core muscles. There is a lot of equipment out there to tone each and every muscle in our body. Among those, ab rollers are very popular among bodybuilders. 

6 Best Rowing Machine for Heavy Person (Top Picks, Budget)

A rowing machine is the best device that helps in reducing body weight. Particularly if you are a heavy person, a rowing machine can provide you with a full-body workout effectively. You can burn a considerable number of calories with this machine which aids you in faster weight loss.

Why Is It Harder For Females To Lose Weight

Why Is It Harder For Females To Lose Weight? (4 Reasons)

Obesity is both common in men and women. But when it comes to weight loss you may see men lose weight more quickly than women. Actually, in the primary stage of weight loss, men lose weight sooner than women. But as the regimen progresses, it becomes equal.

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