Best Thermometer for Babies and Toddlers (Infrared, Top Pickups)

When you are raising a toddler, it is a must to have certain devices in hand which will help in monitoring the baby’s health. One such device is the Thermometer. You need a thermometer for babies because,

  • Babies are affected with occasional discomfort and illnesses which causes fever immediately.
  • So, a thermometer helps to instantly take note of the temperature rise and go to the physician soon.
  • Also, you can monitor the fluctuations in the body temperature periodically.

Therefore, we need a thermometer when there is a baby around to check temperatures periodically and keep their health in check.

Best Thermometer for Babies and Toddlers (Infrared, Top Pickups)

Best Thermometer for Babies and Toddlers

We experimented with some of the best thermometers for babies and listed the top five out here.

Product nameVerdictOverview
Withings Nokia Temporal ThermometerUnique Infrared Thermometer for BabiesRead Our Expert Review
Braun Digital ThermometerBest Digital Thermometer for BabiesRead Our Expert Review
Berrcom Infrared ThermometerOverall Best Thermometer for InfantsRead Our Expert Review
Zoe+Ruth ThermometerBest Feature Packed ThermometerRead Our Expert Review
Bbluv Infrared ThermometerCheap Infrared Thermometer for BabiesRead Our Expert Review

Withings Nokia Temporal Thermometer

The Withings temporal thermometer works has a unique design and has a unique diagnosis method. It has many technological sophistications which makes it a better thermometer than others in the list. It is great for babies and young children.

Our Expert Review

Type – Infrared No Contact

This device has a unique design incorporating some latest tech that helps in reading the temperature to the next level. The thermometer is compact and very handy. It has an LED display with a color-coded alert system that helps you to know the fever’s intensity at once.

You need not have to clean the scanner part often because it is a no-contact thermometer. Easier to use on babies and also adults to instantly know the temperature. Technically, this device has features like smartphone integration. You can connect the device through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and track the change in temperature easily.

The device also lets you detect temperature and store the details for up to 8 different people. This is very useful when you have a lot of children. You can save the details by their name and the device will display the respective name before you take the reading.

This device takes reading using the infrared heat signature from the temporal artery. Users just have to swipe the scanner on the forehead till they reach the temporal and the device instantly shows the temperature of the body.

It takes only a second or less for detection and it is very snappy. You can keep the scanner away from the forehead up to 1cm which makes it no contact and safe. The data will be automatically synced with the app on your smartphone and you can consult with your physician easily.

Compact DesignSometimes inaccurate when taking for multiple people
No-ContactData sync sometimes doesn’t work properly
Bright Display
Data Storage
App integration with automatic data sync
Color Coded alert
Faster Reading

Braun Digital Thermometer

Braun is a popular company that produces many electronic devices. This thermometer is good and can give accurate results too. For a cheaper price, you get a high-quality contact digital thermometer that can be used on all kinds of people.

Our Expert Review

Type – Digital Contact

This thermometer is designed with a sleek and compact body. Since it is a contact-type thermometer, the scanning head is ergonomically bent to easily place it over the forehead. Parents can naturally place it over the baby’s forehead and detect the temperature.

It has one power button to turn on/off the device and it has a scan button to read the temperature. The scanner can be cleaned easily if you are using it on multiple people. The backlit display with a color-coded alert system is very handy to know the readings faster.

It also has a toggle switch under the battery cover to shift between Celsius and Fahrenheit units of the temperature readings. There is no silent mode and the device is powered by AAA batteries which enables easy portability. Overall this device has a good design that is easy to use on babies.

It is a digital thermometer that has electronic sensors to read the temperature when physical contact is made with the object. This device is designed to detect the temperature from the forehead and you cannot use it elsewhere. Also, you have to make sure that the forehead and the scanner are clean before reading the temperature. There are no other modes available with this device.

Good designNo silent mode
PortableRequires contact
Color-coded displayRequires proper cleaning of the scanner
Unit toggle

Berrcom Infrared Thermometer

This device from Berrcom is the best infrared thermometer for babies at a very low price and good quality. It is easily recommended for all ages and any type of usage.

Our Expert Review

Type – Infrared No Contact

This device is designed like a speed gun where you have a trigger-like button that can be pressed to detect the temperature of any object or body without touching it physically. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit the hands while holding.

It has a fairly bright and large display. It gives a color-coded alert during temperature rise which is very effective for instant readings. There are three buttons to the side with which you can switch the device to silent mode, change the mode of detection, and check the previous readings.

It gives out an alarm beep during high fevers and if you want, you can turn it on or keep it silent. This device is very sophisticated and popularly used in public places for instant fever detection. You can comfortably use it on children and infants to get the reading instantly. There are two sets of speakers present on the hand of the gun to give a loud alert.

There are three modes of detection. One mode enables you to check the temperature of the human body by keeping the device in front of the forehead. The second mode enables you to check the temperature of the surrounding room. The third enables you to find out the temperature of objects or a liquid like water.

The units can also be toggled to Celsius or Fahrenheit. The color-coded alert is highly useful. Overall, this device has good accuracy and design which can be easily recommended for use on children.

Ergonomic DesignSometimes may not be very accurate
Three Detection Modes
Color Coded Alert
Silent Mode
32 Readings can be stored
Unit Toggle
Low Price

Zoe+Ruth Thermometer

The Zoe+Ruth Thermometer provides just the right features expected in a temperature measuring device. It is worth the price and you are provided with a lot of options with sophistication. Highly recommended for babies and infants.

Our Expert Review

Type – Infrared No Contact

This is thermometer has a sophisticated backlit display with color-coded alerts for different fever temperatures. The display can show you different modes, previous reading, Silent/Voice mode, and battery level.

The device can hold information up to 40 readings and it is very useful for checking your baby’s temperature at regular intervals. The device has one button for scanning the temperature and another button to choose different functions.

There is a silent mode that can be enabled with a single touch and it doesn’t disturb the baby when taking readings at night. The manufacturer also provides a case with this device so that you can carry it around safely.

There is a forehead mode for adults and separately for children, an Ear mode suitable for infants and also for adults, a Room temperature mode, and an object temperature mode.

Each mode considers the parameters that differ while reading the temperature to give an accurate result every time you scan for the temperature. Once you change the mode and scan, you can get the result within a second.

You can change the device’s unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit whichever suits your convenience.

Sleek DesignMight have some accuracy issues
Five Detection Modes
Good Backlit display
Silent Mode
Memory for readings
Unit Toggle
Free Carrying Case
Suitable for objects and rooms too

Bbluv Infrared Thermometer

Bbluv is a reliable thermometer for babies, adults, and objects too. It shows accurate readings most of the time and its silent operation is very useful, especially for babies.

Our Expert Review

Type – Infrared No Contact

Under the 50$ mark, we have a good design thermometer that has four different detection modes that can be done without making any contact. This device is ergonomically designed to fit all hands and the scanner head is quite wide to cover a large area.

The display is quite large and shows a large font to easily read from any angle. The backlit display shows color-coded alerts during mild and high fever. This device can store up to 32 previous readings that help you to keep track of the temperature of the body.

There are four buttons on the device. One button is to scan for temperature, one button enables you to change modes, a unit toggle button to shift from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and a distinct memory button to display previous readings. All these are highly required features in a thermometer.

The device uses only infrared non-contact detection. But it has four different modes which enable you to take the temperature of a baby or an adult, check the bath water, find out the temperature of food or milk bottle, and check the room temperature.

There are no alarms or beep sounds after detection or to notify high fever. Therefore, you need not worry about nighttime readings for your baby. This device is optimized to take the reading on the forehead. So, you cannot use it elsewhere and get proper readings.

Good DesignMight not be accurate every time
Four Detection ModesNo ear detection
Silent Operation
Color Coded alert
Stores Readings
Unit Toggle

What We Recommend?

The Berrocom Infrared Thermometer is the best no-contact device for children and adults.

  • It has all the necessary features and sophistication to use on babies
  • The accuracy is high end for a very low price.
  • The gun-like design is easier to handle
  • Its detection modes are very useful and reliable every time.
  • Easy to operate, this device is a must-have in every home especially if you have more kids.

What is the Best Type of Thermometer for a Baby?

Infrared thermometers are the best for detecting temperature in babies without disturbing them in any way. Thermometers can be classified according to the technology they use to determine the temperature. Let us look at the differences and find out more about thermometer usage.

Mercury Thermometers

It is the oldest form of thermometer used to find the instantaneous temperature of any material or body. The liquid mercury raises when there is an increase in temperature and using this fluctuation temperature readings are taken. Although this thermometer has good accuracy, it is not recommended for usage in children due to the risk of mercury poisoning.

Digital Thermometers

These thermometers replaced mercury with a sensor that can detect the temperature change and provide a digital reading too. This device has better accuracy and it is also safe to use. You can either use it orally or rectally or under the armpits. The only disadvantage of this type is that it has to be disinfected with every usage. Also, they tend to have a short lifespan which may lead to inaccurate readings.

Tympanic or Ear Thermometers

It works like a digital thermometer but the contact is made inside the ear. With the help of a small probe-like structure that makes contact with just the entrance of the ear canal, you can measure the body temperature easily. You can use this even if the baby is sleeping. There is no drawback in this device if you are careful while using the device in the ear.

Infrared Thermometer

This is the best type of thermometer for toddlers and babies. It doesn’t have to make any contact and just by pointing the infrared gun toward the baby’s body, it can measure the temperature and accurately give a reading. This no-contact thermometer is best for all people.

Apart from this, there is also a Strip thermometer where you will stick a strip on the baby’s head which measures the temperature. But it doesn’t show an accurate reading.

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Everyone should carry a thermometer with them so that it helps them to keep a check on their internal body temperature. Especially if you are a parent, you should possess one to monitor the health of your young infants and children.

These top products and the guidelines will help you choose the best product according to your liking and ensures proper temperature monitoring with high accuracy.

Grab a thermometer right away and keep track of your baby’s health more effectively.

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