Best Rowing Machine for Heavy Person (Top Picks, Budget)

A rowing machine is the best device that helps in reducing body weight. Particularly if you are a heavy person,

  • A rowing machine can provide you with a full-body workout effectively.
  • You can burn a considerable number of calories with this machine which aids you in faster weight loss.
  • Also, if you are aiming for bodybuilding, this rowing machine can give you the required strengthening exercise and develop your core muscle strength effectively.
5 Best Rowing Machine for Heavy Person (Top Picks, Budget)

Best Rowing Machine for Heavy Person

We checked out some of the best rowing machines available and with the help of expert’s review, we are recommending the top five products here.

Product nameVerdictOverview
XTERRA ERG200 Rowing MachineBest Foldable Rowing MachineRead Our Expert Review
Dripex Magnetic Rowing MachineBest Build Quality in a Rowing machineRead Our Expert Review
Marcy Magnetic RowerBest Rowing Machine for Heavy PeopleRead Our Expert Review
SereneLife Magnetic RowerBest Rowing Machine for Gym HittersRead Our Expert Review
MBH Rowing MachineBest Rowing ExperienceRead Our Expert Review

XTERRA ERG200 Rowing Machine

The XTERRA ERG200 is a compact magnetic resistance rower which is highly recommended for all kinds of people looking for simple but efficient rowing equipment.

Our Expert Review

The equipment comes with a simple and compact design which enables you to fold up the sliding rail part.

The rails are made up of extruded aluminum which is mounted on a steel frame. Since the frame is steel, it doesn’t wear out easily during the rowing action.

The equipment legs are sturdy and it can withstand up to 250lbs of weight comfortably. The seats aren’t very wide but are enough to accommodate an average hip size. The cushion is very comfortable and the seat can be raised to a height of 9.2”. 

The machine can easily accommodate people of various heights ranging from 5’1” to 6’4”. The footrests can pivot and are very firm and sturdy which keeps your rowing movement steady. There are Velcro straps on the footrest for keeping the feet in place.

The rower handle is also comfortable to hold. It has a textured material that enables you to hold it firmly. The length of the handle is also optimal for a wide range of users.

The equipment has a 3.7” LCD display mounted on an adjustable frame. Therefore, you can vary the viewing angle of the display easily according to your height and comfort.

The rower is based on magnetic resistance. The tension or resistance can be adjusted to 8 levels. Since the rower works with magnetic resistance, it doesn’t produce any noise during the row.

The LCD display shows time, row count for the current session, total row count for the entire lifetime, calories burnt, and Scan, and it also equips an odometer. There is a timer option too. You will require two AA-size batteries to power up the display.

The rower works without any need for electric power and it is completely cordless. Therefore, you can place this anywhere around the house. 

Foldable compact designSeating can be wider
Sturdy build
Magnetic Resistance
Display with Timer

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine is an easy recommendation for all users due to its variable tension control feature and builds quality. You can comfortably reduce weight as well as increase your strength with this equipment.

Our Expert Review

The equipment looks quite large but it is constructed very strong and sturdy. The front legs have wheels that enable you to move the device around. The rail frame is not foldable but you can keep the setup upright against a wall to store it compactly.

The sliding rails are made up of aluminum for light weight and strength. The seat is wide enough to occupy large people. The seat cushion is comfortable to sit for long hours.

The machine can hold heavy weights up to 240lbs. The handlebar is long and firm which avoids any slippage during strenuous workout sessions. The machine has a footrest with Velcro straps to keep your foot in place. 

The equipment has a small display above which there is a holder for tablets and smartphones. The holder is not adjustable but it is present in a quite comfortable position for all users to enjoy media while working out.

The Dripex rower works with magnetic resistance and it houses a flywheel of 3kgs to have an increased tension. The heavy weight of the flywheel provides good resistance and this can be used for cardio workouts as well as strength training too.

The resistance levels can be adjusted to 16 different levels which are very useful for multiple users. The indicator shows six settings but the adjustment dial can be kept anywhere between 1 to 16. 

The rowing wire is fitted to a proper iron bearing which gives ultimate smoothness during the row and it aids in noise-less operation.

The display can give you instantaneous row count, total row count, distance rowed, calories burnt, time, and scan option.

The machine works wireless and without any need for electricity. You just have to use some batteries for the display parameters.

Good Build QualityA foldable design would be better
Portable designSlightly bulky
Great rowing resistanceNon-adjustable display
Sophisticated Tension Control
Noise-free operation

Marcy Magnetic Rower

The Marcy Magnetic Rower is the best rowing machine for small spaces due to its high portability and compact design. It has a great build quality and high weight holding capacity which makes it a good choice for heavy persons.

Our Expert Review

This rowing equipment sliding rail can be folded and compactly stored anywhere around the house. Also, the front legs are equipped with wheels and aid in easy portability. 

The build quality is good and it can withstand up to 300lbs. The frame is made up of alloy steel which gives prolonged life.

The handles are made long enough for comfortable holding and it is fitted with foam grips for extra firmness and stability.

The footrest is big enough to hold large feet and it also has Velcro straps. The seating area is also sufficiently large for a comfortable sitting and workout session

The equipment has a display to show the important workout parameters and it also has a provision for holding a tablet or a smartphone.

This display and the holder can be adjusted angularly according to your comfort level. So, you can entertain yourself while working out efficiently. 

The rower is equipped with magnetic resistance and there are 8 levels of adjustment. The rowing action is very smooth and noiseless. The adjustment levels are optimum for carrying out cardio as well as strengthening workouts. 

The noise level is very low and you can have a peaceful workout session without any distractions.

The display is very informative and it gives all the required parameters such as the current row count, total row count, number of calories burned, and scan options.

The equipment doesn’t require any electricity and you can power the display with two AA batteries.

Compact and sleek designTension control can have more levels of adjustment
300lbs maximum weight holding
Highly portable
Magnetic Resistance
Low noise

SereneLife Magnetic Rower

If you are looking for a straight-to-the-point simple rowing machine for your daily workouts, then the SereneLife Rowing Machine is the better choice. It comes with a minimalistic design and offers only the most required features. The SereneLife magnetic rower can be easily recommended to the elder and beginners for home workouts.

Our Expert Review

The sliding rail area can be folded up and compactly stored anywhere in the house. It also has wheels in the front leg for easy movement and portability.

The whole frame is made up of alloy steel which provides more durability and also it can withstand weights up to 250lbs. The handles are long and slightly thicker in diameter. It comes with a padded grip for strong holding. 

The footrest has soft paddles and it can be adjusted with the help of Velcro straps. They are also large enough to hold big feet.

The seating is made up of a padded row seat which helps in a comfortable sitting even with long hours of workout.

It has a small LCD digital display to show the workout records and parameters. And there are no tablet holders available in this model.

The resistance mechanism of this equipment is magnetic. Therefore, it is very quiet during operation which enables you to perform workouts peacefully.

The resistance can be adjusted to 8 different levels which is the optimum standard for tension control and are more suitable for a variety of users.

The sliding rail is smooth and the rowing action is very effective. The tension adjustment helps the user to increase their endurance along with the strength of core muscles.

The display can show current row count, total row count, time, RPM or speed, calories burnt and has the scan option too.

This model also doesn’t make use of electricity and with two AA batteries, you will be able to use the display to know the records.

Simple DesignNo tablet holder
Portable and foldable
Low noise

MBH Rowing Machine

With a water resistance mechanism, the MBH rowing machine is the best compact equipment you can get. Those who like to get a real rowing experience and have a workout with that, must choose this device.

Our Expert Review

This is one of the best portable and compact designs you can have with a water resistance rower. The sliding rail can be folded up and compactly stored. It also has wheels in the front frame leg for easy movement and portability. 

The whole frame is made up of stainless steel and it can hold a whopping 330lbs which is not found in many portable rowing machines. There are foot pedals that are adjustable and very firm. With the sufficiently long handlebars, you can easily perform the workout without any difficulty. 

The display has multiple functions and is big enough for easy visibility. The seating is also sufficiently wide and comfortable to sit for long workout sessions.

There is also a tablet holder above the display which can be used for placing smartphones, iPads, and android tablets. 

The rower uses a water resistance mechanism to provide the resistance. When you pull the string, the paddles are rotated inside the water and the water creates resistance. 

You cannot change the resistance intensity with this setup. But gives you a more authentic rowing experience and helps you to spend more time in the machine. This rower aids you more in cardio than strengthening. 

The display used in the device has multiple controls and it is designed specifically for rowing machines. It can provide you the distance rowed, SPM, calories burnt, and the time.

Water-resistance mechanismTension control is not available
Compact designMight be noisy due to the water slushing
Foldable and Portable
Sturdy build
Withstands 330lbs

What we recommend?

The Marcy Magnetic Rowing Machine is the best rower you can get for heavy persons. Due to the following advantages we have chosen this equipment for heavy people:

  • It can withstand a weight of 300lbs and has all the necessary features.
  • Being a magnetic resistant mechanism, it helps in providing different levels of tension.
  • It doesn’t produce any kind of noise.
  • This is suitable for all users and it can support you with cardio, endurance, strength, and power training.

So, we recommend this as the best rowing machine for heavy tall person and for home use. 

Can Heavy Persons Use a Rowing Machine?

The rowing machine is an excellent choice for heavy people who are either overweight or have a naturally large body mass. Because of the following features, the rowing machine is recommended for heavy people:

  • The machines are designed to withstand large people and can have a good impact on their muscles without effort.
  • Many obese people find it difficult to reduce their body weight due to the strenuous workout routine and lower efficiency in those workouts. But this rowing machine can aid them to lose weight faster without putting more effort.
  • Since the machine offers a full-body workout, all the muscles are equally strained and the fat is burned in a balanced manner. This helps them to see a difference in their body within a short while and the body is brought into shape evenly.

If you are a heavy person and a beginner, the best rowing machine for beginners will help you to lose weight effectively and efficiently. This compact workout equipment is one of the best for strength, cardio, and fitness exercises.


Rowing machines are one of the best fitness equipment you can have at home and it is very much needed if you are looking forward to shaping your body. It can be used by all kinds of people irrespective of gender.

So, a portable rowing machine with a foldable design is a compact fitness equipment you can have in your home to keep your body fit. 

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