Best Massage Table For Home Use (Guides, Top Pickups)

There are many accessories available for a massage, but a massage table is the most important one. A massage table can help you in the following ways:

  • Without a massage table, you will not be able to perform the therapy effectively.
  • The best massage table is comfortable, ergonomic, versatile, portable, and convenient for all body sizes.
  • Young therapists and trainees will benefit from these tables to master their massage skills and improve their expertise.
5 Best Massage Table For Home Use 2022 (Guides, Top Pickups)

Best Massage Table for Home Use

We sought recommendations from some of the professional masseuse and therapists for the best massage table and here are the best five massage tables you must try right away.

Product nameVerdictOverview
Luxton Massage TableBest Portable Massage TableRead our Expert Review
Luxton Home Premium Massage TableMost Comfortable Massage TableRead our Expert Review
Luxton Home 3-Section Premium Massage TableOverall Best Massage TableRead our Expert Review
CHRUN Massage TableMost Sturdy and Lightweight Massage tableRead our Expert Review
Master 31″ Montclair Professional Massage TablePremium Massage Table with Large Weight CapacityRead our Expert Review

Luxton Massage Table

For those who are looking for a comfortable premium massage table with memory foam bedding, the Luxton Massage Table is the primary choice. The pricing is not too high for the features they are offering with this table.

Our Expert Review

The table has a premium design, looks, feel, and comfort. The major advantage of this table is that when it is folded into its bag, it can be moved around with the wheels.

This table can be easily assembled single-handed without any assistance. You can simply open up the latch and start unfolding the table. Also, you don’t need any tools to assemble this table.

Overall, this table is easier to set up and ready to use. You are also provided with a manual for setup instructions but even with the pictures, it doesn’t provide detailed guidance. But you can easily figure it out.

The table dimensions after assembly are:

  • Length – 73 inches
  • Width – 31 inches
  • Foam thickness – 7cm (3cm Memory Foam + 4cm PU foam)
  • Height adjustment – 21.5 inches to 33 inches

The bed is made up of memory foam for 3cm which helps the masseur to get comfortable as soon as they lie down. Also, there is another 4cm premium foam which provides extra support and cushion.

The table can hold up to 485lbs of weight which is more than enough considering the average body weights among the people.

In terms of accessories, the table comes with an oil pocket that can be attached to the side of the table.

There is a separate face cradle setup that can be installed at the head and it also comes with a hanging armrest for people to lie facing down comfortably. The face cradle also has memory foam for more comfort.

A free half bolster is provided with this table and you also have reusable sheets in this model. 

Premium DesignNo separate side armrest
Comfortable bed
Easy to carry around
Free accessories

Luxton Home Premium Massage Table

If you are particular about receiving heavily built customers frequently, then you should opt for this product. It is designed to hold such people comfortably. While the portability is not too great, the premium build and sturdiness can be considered a win.

Our Expert Review

This model feels sturdier than the previous model. It has a similar premium finish and style to the wooden leg design but offers more holding capacity.

But in terms of portability, it doesn’t have the advantage of roller wheels in the portable case. You have to carry it around on your shoulders.

As for the unfolding and assembly, it is very easy to unfold the table and assemble it into a full-fledged table. You can ready the table in less than 2 minutes once you get your way with the assembly one or two times.

The table dimensions are:

  • Length – 73.5 inches (Without Headrest), 84.5 inches (With Headrest)
  • Width – 28 inches (Without Armrest), 36 inches (With Armrest)
  • Foam Thickness – 5cm (2cm Memory Foam + 3 cm PU Foam)
  • Height adjustment – 24.5 to 35 inches

Another key advantage of the table is that it comes with side armrests. This makes heavily built and large body sizes to lie down comfortably.

The bed has 2cm of memory foam and 3cm of PU foam which is ok. If the thickness was higher, it would have been more comfortable. But for short period massages, it will be fine.

The table can withstand a weight of 550lbs which is around 250kgs. The table is very sturdy and doesn’t flex even when the maximum weight range is reached.

The table comes with a face cradle, hanging armrests, and an oil pocket. But there are no half bolsters or reusable sheets with this model. The side armrests are very comfortable but are not made up of memory foam. 

Strong and Premium Build QualityNo roller wheels in the portable case
Large dimensionsMemory foam thickness and overall foam thickness is less
Side armrest provision

Luxton Home 3-Section Premium Massage Table

The Luxton Home did not disappoint us with this model. It has gone a step ahead and made an ergonomically comfortable and more useful massage table. It would have been better if the bed was made thicker and comfier. But other than that, this table is worth every penny.

Our Expert Review

There aren’t any compromises made with the build quality and the sturdiness. It has the same premium look and feels along with the strong build to hold heavyweights.

In this model, Luxton Home has revived their portable case with the wheels therefore, you don’t have to worry about the portability or the overall weight of this massage table.

The unfolding and assembly are also easier like the previous models discussed. Without any assistance, you can unfold, set the table, perform your massage, reassemble it, and carry it away.

The table dimensions are:

  • Length – 73.5 inches (Without Headrest), 84.5 inches (With Headrest)
  • Width – 28 inches (Without Armrest), 36 inches (With Armrest)
  • Foam Thickness – 5cm (2cm Memory Foam + 3 cm PU Foam)
  • Height adjustment – 24.5 to 35 inches

The dimensions of the table are large enough length-wise and width-wise to hold plus-size people easily.

The 2cm thick memory foam offers some kind of comfort but it cannot be felt immediately. There are side armrests available which make the table wider than other models and comfier too.

The main feature of this table is the three-section design. The table is split into three sections where the leg section can be inclined and adjusted to give elevation to it. This is a necessary feature in massage tables since it enables the masseuse to perform various techniques with ease.

The headrest is also adjustable so that you can rest your head in comfortable positions easily. This model also comes with an oil pocket, face cradle, and hanging armrests.

Ergonomic Three-Section DesignMemory foam and the overall foam thickness can be higher
Sturdy Build Quality
Large dimensions
Roller wheels in Portable case

CHRUN Massage Table

Those who prefer a highly portable massage table, then they can go for this model. It is very light in weight and sturdy to hold heavy weights easily. It lacks some premium features but offers to be the cheapest massage table on this list.

Our Expert Review

The CHRUN Massage Table is made up of aluminum and it is a light and strong massage table you have on this list.

A massage table made up of aluminum makes it more portable due to its lightweight. So, this table is easily portable due to the lesser weight of 25lbs. 

As for unfolding and assembly, the lightweight enables a quick unfolding of the table and a single-handed assembly.

The metal finish helps in faster assembly and quick refolding. Therefore, the overall design of the table is very good for portability, unfolding, assembly, and repacking.

The table dimensions are:

  • Length – 73 inches
  • Width – 23.6 inches
  • Foam Thickness – 5 cm
  • Height Adjustment – 24 to 32.7 inches

The table can withstand a weight of 496lbs. Given the overall construction and the lightweight of the table, this weight is heavier than normal tables.

The length of the table is quite sufficient, but the width of the table is narrow without the armrest. Even with the armrest, it might be difficult for large people to accommodate but for most people, it is comfortable.

The foam is soft and elastic and covered with PVC leather that helps in easy cleaning of the oil spills. The table also has two armrests and a headrest which can also be the face cradle.

Hanging armrests are also available for massages performed facing down and a face hole will help you to breathe.

Good build qualityNo Memory Foam
Lightweight designNarrow Bed
Aluminum Made
High Portability

Master 31″ Montclair Professional Massage Table

If you are looking for premium products or your customers are elite, then the Master Massage Table is the ultimate choice. It has the best build quality, design, material, and overall comfort. 

Our Expert Review

The Master Massage Portable Massage Table offers to be the strongest table and the most premium table on the whole list.

In terms of portability, the massage table doesn’t have any wheels but can be easily lifted and carried around. It weighs only 37lbs and is quite less considering the size and build of the table.

As for the unfolding and assembly, it is a child’s play with this table. It can be easily unfolded and assembled quickly so that the masseur need not wait.

The table dimensions are:

  • Length – 72 inches (Without headrest), 84 inches (With Headrest)
  • Width – 31 inches
  • Foam Thickness – 7.62 cm
  • Height Adjustment – 24 to 34 inches

This table is one of the most massive products we have ever witnessed. It has an overall length of 84 inches with the headrest on and the width is 31 inches. The table is very wide to comfortably accommodate even the heaviest person.

Coming to the foam, it has a whopping 7.62cm thickness which houses multiple layers of foam and a small layer of memory foam for comfort. All these are covered with a premium leather layer. 

The table is made up of mahogany hardwood and reiki panels which give the ultimate working load support among the whole list. This table can withstand a 1500lbs weight force easily without any stability issues.

So, even if the masseuse stands up on the masseur, the table will not break or shake. Apart from these, it also comes with all the usual adjustable face cradle, face cushion, hanging armrests, and a carrying case.

Strong and Sturdy wooden buildNo oil pockets 
Sufficiently large tableNo roller wheels for portability
Comfortably thick foam
Lightweight for Portability
Available in multiple colors

What We Recommend?

Luxton Home 3-section Premium Memory Foam Massage Table is the best massage table you can get.

  • It offers versatile features to give a professional massage.
  • It has good build quality along with the necessary accessories.
  • Also, the portability is higher with the help of wheels when compared to other products.
  • Anyone can find this massage table worth their money. 

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What are the Benefits of a Massage Table?

A massage table is an essential part of the therapy. Professional massage therapists usually perform the therapy while standing and the patient will be lying down on a table. The advantages are:

  • It provides comfort and convenience for the therapist as well as the one who is receiving the massage.
  • A table is more comfortable to concentrate on critical areas of the body and perform the massage with proper intensity. 
  • It helps you to get the proper posture and angle in which you can approach the masseur easily. Also, it doesn’t strain the therapist and enables them to effectively do the actions with accuracy and ease. 
  • A massage table enables people to relax without any hassle and they can peacefully get a massage without having anything in their mind. Sometimes people may even sleep on the massage table. 
  • So, for the convenience of the masseuse and the masseur, a massage table is the only option you have got.
  • Apart from these benefits, a massage table can also be used for other purposes. For example, if you are running a salon or spa, you can use the massage table to apply a tattoo.
  • A professional tattoo artist can also make use of this table easily. Both the therapist and the artist can place the necessary things and accessories near the table using the oil pockets.


Massage tables are highly recommended and much-needed equipment in every home. Especially, if you are a budding therapist trying to make a living out of it, you should have one at your home to practice it and master the skills.

If you buy portable tables, you can carry them around to your client’s home and perform the massage there easily without any discomfort.

So, we hope that the list gives you a satisfying product and we have also guided you on how to choose the best table. Therefore, get a massage table right away and give relaxing massages to all.   

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