10 Best Massage Gun for Neck and Shoulders 2022 (Budget, Guides)

10 Best Massage Gun for Neck and Shoulders

Every person in the world needs some kind of relaxation. People choose recreational activities to relieve stress and promote productivity. But even those recreational activities can make your body sore and tired due to the muscles working continuously. Massaging is a good choice to relax those sore muscles, but is it affordable to find a masseuse every time?

A massage gun is the ultimate solution for all your massage needs. You need not depend on a spa or a masseuse to give a proper relaxing massage on a regular basis. Rather you can make use of a handy massage gun and use it by yourself to give a neat experience in 10 to 20 minutes.

The guns come with interchangeable attachments which can be specifically used for each part of the body and obtain the desired relief. The best massage gun for neck and back saves your money and your time along with the necessary relaxation you require for the specific parts of your body.

The best way to find best massage gun for neck and shoulders is to do research on what people are saying about it. This will give you a better idea of how the product will work for your needs. We have compiled a list of some of the best massage guns for neck and shoulders with their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about which one to buy.

Why Massage Guns are good for the Neck and Shoulders?

Massage guns are very effective in giving a proper massage to most parts of the body such as thighs, calf muscles, biceps, etc. But some people might think that they are quite risky to use in parts like the neck and shoulders. On contrary, it is better to use a massage gun for the neck and shoulders, and here is why:

Usually, a massage will work up the muscles to relax the stiffness and ease the blood flow. But it gives some kind of discomfort at the start when you are doing it with your hands. The optimum pressure and depth cannot be obtained easily when doing the massage traditionally.

But with the help of a massage gun, you can optimize the speed, pressure, and depth of application easily. Just by clicking a few buttons, you will be able to instantly optimize the parameters and get a relaxing massage.

Especially when it comes to the neck, you cannot find bulk muscles on it. So, therapists will always be careful when performing a traditional massage. But with the best massage gun for neck pain, you can reduce the pressure easily and do a thorough work-up of the neck muscles.

Similarly, for shoulders, working up might increase the pain sometimes. But with the best massage gun for shoulder pain, you will be able to find a comfortable setting and get a deep massage to relax those muscles.

Another advantage of using a massage gun is that you will be able to use it on your own. This avoids the need to find a partner. You can set the parameters and start massaging instantly on your own. Usually, the neck and shoulders require a partner or a therapist to massage. But with a gun, you can work up the parts on your own and relax easily. Another word of caution is that you must know where to use massage gun on neck to avoid any injuries.

Therefore, instead of depending on another person, you can perform massages on your own for the neck and shoulders with the help of a proper massage gun. This is more advantageous, efficient, and effective.

How do Massage Guns work?

There are two motions in the massage gun which provide the required work up in the muscles. The gun performs a percussive action and a vibratory action.

Percussion represents how deep and how fast the gun actuates into the muscle, whereas the vibration represents the number of times it actuates in a given time.

With these two parameters, a gun exerts a certain amount of pressure or force on the muscles to relieve the stiffness. 

The muscles are built up with lactic acid due to a lack of proper oxygen supply to the particular area. This gives out cramps and stiffness in the muscle fibers. 

The major reason for this to happen is improper blood circulation. The best massage gun for home use increases the blood flow with the percussive action to the particular area and promote an ample supply of oxygen. 

The vibration and percussion loosen the muscle fibers and enable the flow of blood all over the area. Since the blood carries oxygen, it supplies it to the fibers and removes the lactic acid buildup. 

The deep amplitude provided by the stroke of the massage gun helps in providing a myofascial massage and relaxes the muscles completely. The pressure exerted by the gun on the muscles will relieve the stiff fibers and makes them flexible. 

This is how a massage gun performs the workup of muscles and promotes relaxation in the area from soreness and stiffness.

As for the working of the gun, it usually has a brushless DC motor powered by a set of rechargeable batteries which help in providing the percussion and vibration along with the exertion of pressure. The gun may have a different set of attachment heads which helps us to perform unique work up of muscles present in various parts of the body. This is the setup and technical working of a massage gun.  

Best Massage Gun for Neck and Shoulders

Our Top Picks

Fusion Black ProOverall Top Pick

Garyway – Best Value for Money

Top 10 Massage Guns for Neck and Shoulder Massage

1. Mebak Percussive Massage Gun

After a strenuous day at the office or a hard day at housekeeping, Mebak 3 is the product you need to relieve all the tension in your body. It has an aesthetic design with a good build quality to withstand deep and intense vibrations. The handle of the gun is not very big in diameter which is more optimal for many people to hold this gun comfortably even with shorthands.

This percussive  handheld and the best massage gun for shoulders is very light, weighing only 2.1lbs which is ideally balanced for effective handling and helps to reach difficult places on our own. The gun doesn’t give out much noise during operation. It goes up to 65dB at the highest speed which isn’t very loud.

The Mebak 3 comes with 5 different speeds gradually increasing from 1200 rpm, 1600, 1800, 2200, and finally 2900 rpm. This is the actual measurement whereas the advertised speed ranges from 640 rpm to 3200 rpm. The speed level is the typical range for massages.

The product is advertised to perform percussions up to 12mm deep into the muscle, but actually, the gun has a stroke length of a maximum of 10.51mm. For those who ask is it safe to use a massage gun on your neck, the Mebak 3 provides the optimum stroke which is good for neck and shoulder massages.

When it comes to pressure or stall force, the gun can give from 30lbs in the first gear and move up to 40, 45, 50, and finally 55lbs in the last gear. This force is sufficient for a good massage all over the body including critical areas without any risk of injury. The Mebak 3 has a good battery life with a capacity of 2600mAh. It lasts sufficiently long and its 10-minute automatic switch-off feature gives you a better battery backup. You can also use the gun while charging. 

Key Features

  • Sturdy Build Quality – Feels premium in hand with a strong design that can absorb the vibrations from the intense percussions of the gun.
  • Lightweight – Very easy and comfortable to handle due to being lightweight. Enables you to reach the neck and shoulders without any difficulty. 
  • Optimum speed range – It has a good speed range and the lower speed level helps you to perform neck massages without any risk of injury. 
  • Safe percussion amplitude of 10.51mm – This percussion amplitude is not very high or very low which doesn’t hurt critical areas with low muscle density such as the neck and shoulders. 


  • The LED force feedback indicator
  • Very quiet in operation
  • Light in weight
  • 7 different interchangeable heads for complete body massage
  • Percussive deep massage


  • Only 5 levels of speed adjustability
  • Percussion amplitude is slightly less


The Mebak 3 is the best massage gun for the neck and shoulders providing the optimum speed, percussion, and amplitude into the muscles without any risks. It is the safest option available to people doing white-collar jobs to perform a personal massage. 

2. Flyby F1Pro – Handheld Neck & Back Massager

When you need something more portable, you will look for its weight and compact size. The Flyby F1Pro massage gun is the optimum choice for gym hitters and athletes who need a compact massage kit in their sports bag.

This gun is very less in weight with just 1.8lbs with minimalistic design and decent build quality. The handle diameter is not very big which is suitable for people with small hands. In terms of ergonomics, the design is slightly not handy which makes it difficult to use it for long massages.

The F1Pro doesn’t come with a LED display and comes with only one button to switch between speeds. But don’t underestimate its lightweight or simple design.

The F1Pro can apply a pressure of 40lbs for deep tissue massage. On the other hand, the stroke length is around 10mm which is good for certain areas but is not sufficient for areas with more muscle density. You don’t have to hesitate on where to use massage gun on neck with the F1Pro. Because it offers a low stroke length which is safer for neck massages. The speed levels of the gun range from 1800 rpm to 3200 rpm adjustable with only 3 settings.

The gun has 6 interchangeable heads for various massages. All these powerful features are provided by a quiet brushless motor which gives a noise level to a maximum of 45dbs at the highest speed setting. This is more silent and you can’t even hear anything in the lowest speed setting.

The Flyby F1Pro has a battery capacity of 2000mah which can last anywhere from 3 to 4 hours depending on the speed level used. The LED lights give us an indication of when to charge. This model doesn’t have a USB-C port for charging therefore it may take a while to get a full charge. 

Key features

  • Featherweight – The F1Pro build material and lower battery capacity make it very light in weight which is optimal for carrying it around without any discomfort.
  • Very quiet – The maximum noise level is 45dbs at the highest speed setting. This makes the product more desirable.
  • Standard Stall force – The 50lbs pressure is optimum to perform a decent massage and is very safe to perform the massage in the neck and shoulders.


  • Lightweight
  • Very quiet 
  • Optimum Pressure
  • Minimalistic design


  • Low amplitude
  • Only 3 levels of speed setting
  • Slightly less battery capacity


For such a lower price point, Flyby F1Pro provides you with maximum performance in a massage gun. It is highly recommended for personal use and gym hitters who need a lightweight product to carry around in their gym bag. Those who have a low budget should try this one out. 

3. QUINEAR Massage Gun Deep Tissue Muscle Percussion Massager

If you are a hardcore bodybuilder or a striving athlete, the Quinear massage gun must be there in your possession to relieve the sore and hard muscles. The design of the gun is made to look strong and sturdy which is good. But the handle diameter is slightly large which makes it quite uncomfortable to hold it for long hours.

The overall size is also a bit large which makes it difficult to reach certain places in the body on our own. The gun has an LCD to indicate the battery and the speed level. The gun alone weighs 2.08lbs which isn’t very heavy and you can carry it without any stress.

The Quinear comes with 6 interchangeable heads which are standardly seen in all guns at this price point. The percussion amplitude reaches 12 mm which provides an adequate massage over hard muscles. But it can be slightly deeper to have a more intense impact in high muscle dense parts of the body.

The stall force can reach up to 50lbs and the speed level ranges from 1200 to 3200rpm. The speed level can be adjusted with 20 different stages which enables you to find the optimum setting according to the part you are massaging. Although you may not find a big difference between every speed level in all the 20, you might get 5 to 6 different speeds in reality which has an impact.

Coming to the battery capacity, the Quinear gun has a 2500mAh rechargeable battery and can withstand anywhere from 4 to 6hrs according to the speed level used. The battery indicator helps you to know when to recharge the gun. 

Key features

  • 20 Different speed levels – The variable speed range provides you to find the optimal speed level for each and every part you want to perform the massage.
  • Good Heat ventilation – The gun doesn’t warm up easily and this helps in giving constant performance through long hours of usage.
  • 10 min automatic shut off – The massage gun can shut off after ten minutes which saves battery while providing safe and intense massage.


  • Variable speed setting
  • Good battery capacity
  • LCD display 
  • Lightweight


  • Slight discomfort in handling
  • Percussion amplitude can be higher
  • Speed levels can be less


The Quinear is a standard massage gun that offers basic functionality with a large speed range that might be useful in some cases. The gun is built well and can last longer which is considered great for this price point. 

4. Darkiron Massage Gun

Many people out there want to relax on their own with a decent device and don’t want to spend a lot of bucks on it. The Darkiron EM31 is a great choice for these people who are looking for a decent product with a performance exactly for what it’s worth. Looking at the device, it portrays a premium finish even with normal durable materials.

It has a great display and the handle is slightly big in diameter which can be slightly difficult to hold but with the rubberized handle, it can give a firm grip. The gun weighs around 2.1lbs which is very standard and doesn’t feel heavy. Coming back to the display, it gives a lot of information that is not found in similar guns at this price point.

The display has a power indicator represented by green bars on the top, it has a timer in the middle of the screen and above the timer, it shows the battery charge icon, and there is an applied pressure indicator shown by the dots below the timer, and finally a speed indicator at the bottom of the display represented by red bars. This is one of the best features of the gun.

The display also houses 3 physical buttons to Start/Stop, increase speed, and decrease speed. The Darkiron gun comes with 15 interchangeable heads which are quite extensive and are useful if you know proper massaging techniques. The attachment quality is also good. As of the performance, the amplitude is advertised to be 16mm but it doesn’t feel like providing the percussion it has mentioned.

This is partially due to the low stall force or pressure which is in reality only 30lbs. Even though the advertised pressure is 35lbs it is very less during actual usage and doesn’t give the deep percussive massage. Rather the gun feels like a vibrational massager. But you can feel the increase in pressure with every increment of the speed level which is good during a relaxing massage.

Talking about speed level, the gun can operate from 1700rpm to 2500rpm with a 4-level adjustment. This speed level and adjustment are more than sufficient to give a decent massage. The gun has good battery life with a capacity of 2500mAh.

It can comfortably last up to 4hrs and with lower speed settings you may get up to 6hrs. It also has a 10-min auto shut-off feature to prevent overheating. As for Noise, this gun is pretty loud when the speed is increased and it rattles when pressed against the body. 

Key Features

  • 15 Head Attachments – Those who know their way into a massage can take advantage of each attachment and provide a good massage.
  • Informational Display – The LCD display shows a lot of information and the buttons on it are very good.
  • 10-min Auto Shut Off – This feature helps in preserving the life of the gun and the duration is sufficient to give a relaxing massage.


  • Decent Design and Build Quality
  • Good Battery Capacity
  • Useful Display
  • Useful Attachments
  • Optimal percussion for neck massage


  • Average Stall force
  • Slightly less amplitude


The Darkiron EM31 is an entry-level product and it is good for beginners who need a relaxing massage on a regular basis. To be precise, it is the best massage gun for home use. This massage gun can be safely used in critical areas with low muscle density like the neck.

5. Cholas Percussion Massage Gun

A massage gun within a budget price range and high performance are rare. The Cholas massage gun has tried to achieve that goal with its efficient performance, and good battery life, all housed in a premium-looking design. The build quality is good and doesn’t look or feel cheap.

The handle of the gun is great and its size is normal like the other products available. There is an LCD display at the back of the gun which displays the speed level, battery percentage, and two buttons to increase and decrease the speed. All these are essential and nice. There are no vents for heat dissipation which is a drawback when the gun is used for continuous massage.

The Cholas come with 10 massage heads and their quality is also good. The performance of the gun is above average for a gun at this price point. The speed of the gun ranges from 1200rpm to 3200rpm and there are 30 levels of adjustment. There are only slight variations with each increment of the speed level and in reality, you can only feel the difference in about 5 to 6 speeds.

The stall force is less than 50lbs and with a stroke length of 12mm, you can get a decent massage. Although deep tissue massage is not possible with this gun, it is highly suitable for neck and shoulder massages. As for battery life, the gun has a 2600mAh capacity which can comfortably last for 4 to 5hrs.

Since there is no proper heat ventilation, the gun may not be suitable for continuous usage. Rather it can be used for 10 to 20 minutes which is more than sufficient to perform a good massage. Not much noise is produced by the device which is great and the vibration is not felt much on the body. 

Key Features

  • Great battery life – Offers continuous usage for up to 4 to 5hrs and can last longer if used with low-speed settings.
  • Good Build Quality – The gun doesn’t feel cheap and has a strong build to withstand high vibrations. 
  • Speed level adjustment – The 30-gear speed adjustment is optimum for many users out there to get the desired pressure on the required area. 
  • Low noise – The gun is surprisingly quiet even at higher speed levels. 


  • Build quality
  • Battery life
  • Noise level


  • Absence of vent for heat dissipation


The Cholas is a good budget-friendly massage gun. It can be used by all age groups and all use cases. The gun is very useful for homemakers and elders who need to relax their muscles with a simple massage. On the whole, it is a decent product and a must-try for beginners.

6. TOLOCO Massage Gun

Sore muscles either require sleep or a quick massage to get instant relief. While sleeping is not possible every time of the day, you can perform quick massages with the right device. The Toloco massage gun offers you the quick relief your muscles need to revive from the stiffness and soreness.

The Toloco gun has a unique design and looks good on appearance. The handle might be slightly large but with the rubberized grip, it can be easier to hold it without any difficulty. The top of the gun has ventilation for heat dissipation and the rear side of the gun has an LED screen with speed adjustable buttons and a button to power on/off.

The display shows the battery percentage, timer, pressure feedback, and speed level. The gun has a decent design and it is also comfortable to hold and use. In terms of performance, the gun has a maximum of 3200rpm speed level which can be achieved with a 4-speed shift.

The stroke length is good with 12mm penetration which when combined with the speed level can produce a great massage experience. The weight of the device is around 1.7lbs which is very light and provides good portability.

The battery capacity is around 2000mAh which can last up to 4hrs of continuous usage. The noise level can go up to 50dbs at the highest setting and it doesn’t sound loud. The gun comes with 10 interchangeable heads which are also made up of good quality and finish. 

Key Features

  • Display – the LED display shows many features such as pressure feedback, timer, speed, and battery percentage.
  • Low noise – Even at the highest setting, the device doesn’t give out any kind of noise. 
  • Good design and build – The build quality and the overall design of the gun are good which makes it easy to hold and use.
  • Low weight – The 1.7lbs gun is not too heavy to hold or carry around.


  • Good stroke length and speed level
  • Good build quality and design
  • Low weight
  • Minimum noise


  • Low battery capacity


The Toloco massage gun provides a good experience with respect to massaging critical areas and it is one of the decent products you can afford. It offers the performance required to relax instantly and get relief from soreness. 

7. Youdgee Massage Gun

The massage gun from Youdgee is a very compact and powerful product that can give you a proper massage. The overall design and build quality look and feel premium. The handle is not too short and it has a rubber grip to get a firm grip on the device.

The gun houses an LCD display at the back which shows the battery percentage, speed level, and two touch buttons to increase and decrease the speed level. There is ventilation on top of the gun which helps in dissipating the heat and keeps the device cool for long usage. In terms of performance, the Youdgee has a speed range from 1400rpm to 3200rpm.

The speed can be adjusted with 30 levels which are quite extensive. You can feel the increase in pressure gradually with every increment which is very good. The percussion amplitude or the stroke length is on average around 14mm which is great for a deep massage. With increased speed levels you can get 16mm too. This makes it the best massage gun for shoulder pain.

The heat ventilation system on the top is very efficient in removing the excess heat from the device. This helps in longer massage sessions and good battery life. Speaking about battery life, the gun has a 2500mAh capacity which can comfortably last anywhere from 4 to 5hrs depending on the speed level and continuous usage. The device charges with a USB-C port which gives you hassle-free charging even with your mobile charging unit. The gun doesn’t give out much noise even at the highest speed level.

You cannot feel any kind of rattling or vibration in the handle during operation. The weight of the device is 1.6lbs which is very less compared to other competitors. It is very comfortable to carry around and can be easily used around the body without any difficulty.  

Key Features

  • Extensive Speed level adjustment – Enables you to choose an optimal setting according to the part you are massaging and the comfort level you require.
  • Deep Percussion Amplitude – The increased stroke length helps in providing a deep massage which can be used to relax core muscles.
  • Good battery life – The battery life is sufficient to give continuous massages for 4 to 5hrs without any difficulty. The charging can also be done with USB-C which is an added advantage.
  • Very light – This 1.6lbs device is easy to carry around and there will be no difficulty in portability even with all the accessories added.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact size 
  • Deep stroke length
  • Good battery life
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Good ventilation


  • The handle might be slightly thicker 
  • Slight increase in noise during speed increment


The Youdgee massage gun is one of the best products you can get in this category. With its 6 attachment heads and excellent performance, you will be able to get a relaxing massage with the device without any issues. The ventilation system is quite good which keeps the device cool during long massage hours. The gun is worthy of its price even if the brand is not much popular. 

8. Medcursor Massage Gun

This affordable yet high-quality massage gun is a rare option in the market. The Medcursor massage gun is a great choice for those who are looking for an inexpensive massager with high performance. The product looks classy and doesn’t feel cheap at the first sight.

The buttons are present at the side of the handle along with the battery and speed indicators. There isn’t any kind of display present in this gun. The overall size is quite compact but the handle diameter is slightly large which makes it difficult for people with short hands to hold.

Otherwise, this device is good in appearance and build quality. The weight of the gun is also 1.5lbs which is very light and easy to hold. The accessories it comes with are also of good quality. The performance of the gun is better and it doesn’t go below the standard at this price point.

The gun can operate between 5 different speed levels which range from 1200rpm to 3200rpm. The stroke length goes up to 11mm which is optimum for giving a relaxing massage. You need not have to worry about massaging critical areas like the neck with this product. It can also be the best massage gun for shoulders. The noise level is also very minimal with only 45 to 55dbs even at the highest speed level setting.

The battery capacity is only 2000mAh which is slightly less and it is difficult to use it at the highest setting for long hours. It can be continuously used for up to 4.5hrs with low settings. But this gun has a 60s automatic off feature to save battery life and a 10-minute shut off feature to perform quick relaxing massages. These two features help the battery life to extend a bit longer. 

Key Features

  • Very lightweight – The product weighs only 1.5lbs which makes it highly portable and easy to carry around.
  • 60s automatic Turn off – This feature shuts down the device when it isn’t used for more than 60 seconds.
  • High Build Quality – The gun is made up of high-quality materials which makes the build sturdy and strong. 
  • Optimal Percussion speed and amplitude – The 11mm stroke length and the 5-speed shift are optimal for performing a complete relaxing massage to various parts of the body.


  • Quiet operation
  • Very lightweight
  • Good build quality
  • Battery saving features


  • Low Battery Capacity


The Medcursor massage gun is a price worthy model and can provide you with a good massage with its optimal performance. This gun can be used by all consumers and it is best for household usage. On the whole, this is a decent device that can be tried. 

9. Garyway Massage Gun

There are many massage guns out there and many don’t last more than 4 to 5 hours of continuous usage. The Garyway Massage Gun is a beast offering the most battery backup in this price segment. The design of the gun is made to be more comfortable to hold.

The handle is neither too short nor too long. Also, the diameter of the handle is optimum and very easy to hold even with short hands. The gun comes with a silicon grip over the handle which enables a firm hold and doesn’t slip away during the massage.

The overall build quality and the ergonomics are very good in this gun. It has an LCD touch screen to increase and decrease the speed of percussion. The bottom of the handle indicates the battery percentage which is very thoughtful. On the whole, aesthetically the gun is elegant and handy.

In terms of weight, it is about 2.2lbs due to the large battery capacity. But the ergonomics doesn’t let you feel the slight increase in weight. The Garyway also has the potential of being the best massage gun for neck and back. When it comes to performance, the Garyway gun has a six-level speed adjustment which can increase from 1500rpm to 3500rpm.

This is highly suitable for deep tissue massage for bodybuilders and athletes. The stroke length is about 16mm which can go pretty deep into the muscle for a myofascial massage. The stall force is also more than 55lbs which is optimum for deep massages into thighs and calf muscles.

The performance of the gun is greater for this price range and it is very easy to use too. Speaking about battery life, this gun can last more than 7 hours easily due to its large capacity. The Garyway is equipped with a 3000mAh battery and can comfortably last longer on a single charge.

To top that feature, it has a fast-charging capability that charges the gun within 2 to 3 hours. The massager comes with 9 different heads which can perform distinct massages to critical areas. 

Key Features

  • Large Battery Capacity – Holds charge for long hours and enables you to massage continuously till you get satisfaction.
  • Fast charging – takes less than 3 hours to completely charge from scratch which is very much desirable for regular use.
  • Deep percussion amplitude – The stroke length is about 16mm which is highly needed for deep myofascial massage. 
  • LCD screen – The LCD interface gives an easy way to increase or decrease the speed comfortably. 
  • Silicon Handle grip – The handle comes with a non-slipping silicon grip to hold the gun firmly during massage sessions.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fast charging capacity
  • 16mm deep stroke length
  • Low noise
  • 9 different interchangeable heads


  • Slightly heavy
  • Can have a lower speed level for critical areas like the neck


The Garyway massage gun is the much-needed massager for heavy bodybuilders and high-performing athletes. Its cheaper price point and high performance are very much desirable. The features are excellent and, on the whole, it is a great product. 

10. Fusion Black Pro Muscle Massage Gun

While there are many guns out there aiming to give a good performance with an average-looking body, the Fusion Black Pro offers you the best performance in a cool-looking premium design. This device has one of the best looks and a costlier feel to the touch.

The design looks great and the black color gives a high-end look to it. The overall size is very compact and the handle is of the optimum length and diameter. The size of the gun makes it highly portable and people will love to own this product. The LCD display at the back shows the battery level and the speed level which looks futuristic.

It also has ventilation at the top for heat dissipation which keeps the whole unit cool and running for long hours. The overall ergonomics and the design are perfect for a professional massage. The performance of this gun is on par with the expensive massage guns out there.

The gun can operate at a speed of 3200rpm at the highest setting which can be reached at 20 levels. You can experience a considerable change in every increment which is nicer and feels good. The stroke length is more than 12mm and it is designed to penetrate deeper with every second of the percussions.

The stall force is advertised to be 50lbs but in reality, it exerts more than 35lbs of pressure which is practically safe and sufficient to get a complete massage experience. The noise level of the gun is very low and it doesn’t get louder with increasing speed level.

The heads provided by the Fusion Black Pro also look premium and are very durable than any other product on the market. The battery capacity stands at 2500mAh and the life is excellent in this massage gun. It can easily last more than 5hrs with continuous usage. With intermittent uses, it can comfortably last a week after a full charge.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Design – The handle of the gun is inclined 12 degrees to make it more comfortable to hold. It also has a soft rubber grip which helps in getting a firm hold. The gun looks and feels premium.
  • Optimal Stall force – The pressure exerted with the percussions is high enough to get a deep massage in every part of the body.
  • Deep Amplitude – The 12mm stroke length gives an adequate penetration into the muscle tissues to get a full-fledged massage. 
  • Compact and Light – The size and weight make it completely portable and you can pack the gun very easily wherever you go.


  • Excellent design with ergonomics
  • Compact size and Lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Sufficient Stall force and amplitude
  • Premium look and feel


  • Lack of fast charging


The Fusion Black Pro is the best option you can get if you are into a stylish massage gun with ultimate performance. For the price point, it offers a premium gun with optimal performance and provides a complete massage experience with its swappable heads. It is also the best massage gun for neck pain.

The Top Pick

The Fusion Black Pro is the best massage gun for the neck and shoulders and it is our top pick in this carefully picked list of massage guns. It has an aesthetic design, high performance, great features, and excellent battery capacity to give a relaxing massage to the body. The speed level adjustment is optimum for a safe and risk-free neck massage. The accessories also come with high build quality. The lower weight and minimum noise operation make it our priority in this list of massage guns. 

Buying Guide

Before choosing a massage gun, you must know the different specifications and the parameters to check for in the product so that you can buy the right one for you. Here is a complete guide on how to choose and buy a massage gun:


The ergonomics and size of the massage gun are very important. Since the gun is handheld for a considerable amount of time with a certain amount of vibration and pressure, it must be comfortable to hold. 

It is best to aim for a gun that is similar to a power drill and has a slim handle. If you can find a gun with a grip on the handle, it will be better to hold. 

In terms of size, it shouldn’t be very bulky. Because a bulk product is difficult to reach in certain places like the back of the body. So, it is important to choose a sleek model. 

The final aspect of the design is Weight. The massage gun should not be more than 2.5lbs. The lightweight enables you to hold on to the gun for long period and perform a massage without any discomfort in the wrists. 

Percussion Amplitude or Stroke Length

The actuation length of the gun is very important to provide deeper massages. This is mentioned as Amplitude or Stroke Length. 

The head of the gun comes back and forth to a certain distance and this should not be less than 12mm. Anything less than 12mm will have a weak impact and doesn’t provide you with a proper massage. 

It is better to choose a gun with 16mm amplitude for deeper massage and it can give you complete relaxation.

Stall force or Pressure

The percussion exerts pressure on the body which is crucial for the person to feel the impact of massage. The muscles can only be relaxed with a considerable amount of stall force. 

Choosing a gun that exerts at least 50lbs of pressure in its highest setting is better. In fact, it is optimum to have a gun that gradually reaches 50lbs with every increment of its speed setting.

This will help you get the real feeling of the muscles getting worked up and provides a sense of relaxation and relief from the soreness.

Speed Level

The motor present in the gun functions at a certain range of speed. The speed represents the number of percussions happening over a minute. 

The gun of your choice should at least have a range of 1200rpm to 3500rpm. The range must be achieved with a maximum of 5 or 6 levels of setting. 

You can find products with 20 or 30-speed levels. But it is better to have 5 to 6 levels in order to feel the intensity increase with every speed setting. 


This is another most important factor to consider since these machines are portable and handheld to our convenience.

Higher battery capacity will aid you to perform massages longer and the ability to recharge faster is also very much appreciated.

A minimum battery of 2500mAh capacity is optimum for a handheld massage gun. Also, if it has a USB-C port for recharging, it will be faster and more efficient.  

Some models work even while recharging which is also good. But it is more desirable to have a large battery capacity. Another thing you must consider is that the higher the battery capacity, the larger the size of the gun. So, consider a sleek model with a higher battery.

Noise level

The gun should have a reduced noise level so that it doesn’t rattle at different speed levels. It is better to choose a gun that doesn’t produce noise of more than 45 to 50dbs. 

Accessories and Other Aspects

It is best to have different types of heads to connect with the massager. Because these heads help you to target specific areas of muscles and give you proper relief. Therefore, try to choose a gun with at least 5 to 6 types of heads that are interchangeable.

Apart from these, you must look into the build quality and the material of the gun along with the accessories. It should not wear out sooner and the build must be sturdy to hold the vibrations. 


Do massage guns really work?

Yes, massage guns have the ability to reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) and other muscle-related conditions. It helps them to relieve soreness and stiffness and avoids the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles which gives cramps. Numerous studies promote the use of massage guns to relax the muscles and get relief regularly.

How often should you use a massage gun?

Massage guns can be used daily for about 10 to 20 minutes depending on the area it is used. In areas with high muscle density, it can be used for 20 minutes, and with low muscle density, it can be used for about 5 to 10 minutes. There is no harm in using it longer but the speed and the pressure setting must be optimized accordingly. Those who hit the gym full time or professional athletes can use the device two to three times a day to relax the muscles. 

Can massage guns be harmful?

Many of us might ask is it safe to use a massage gun on your neck? Unless the device is used erratically, there is no harm in using a massage gun. The guns don’t exert a large amount of pressure and you can always reduce the speed setting to a level that suits your body. If you are a beginner, you should take precautions before getting your hands on the gun. Also, it is important to be gentle and avoid certain critical areas to prevent ourselves from getting any kind of injury. You can also take advice from professional massage therapists on how to handle and use a massage gun. 

Where should you not use a massage gun?

You should never use a massage gun over the following areas and conditions:

  • Strained or Sprained Muscles
  • Injured areas
  • Areas with inflammation
  • Bone fractured areas
  • Areas with skin conditions
  • If you have conditions such as:
  1. Hypertension
  2. Varicose veins
  3. Osteoporosis
  4. Muscular Dystrophy
  5. Arthritis
  6. Autoimmune conditions

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Massage is a great way to relax the body and mind. When the physical body is relieved of soreness and tiredness, the mind is relieved from stress. But finding a therapist and going to the spa might be difficult daily. Therefore, devices like massage guns help you to relax completely without spending a lot of time or money. 

With the right device and proper technique, you will be able to relieve all the soreness from the core muscles of your body and get ultimate satisfaction. 

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