Best Bath Seats for 6 Months Old Babies (Budget, Guides)

Bathing a baby can be difficult especially when you are a single parent. It requires utmost care and concern for their safety since the toiletries might be slippery. A bathing seat is a great choice and a must have because,

  • You can securely bathe the babies without anybody’s help
  • You will be able to wash them completely and thoroughly
  • You can place the seat anywhere and give a comfortable bath
  • You don’t have to strain yourself much to bathe the baby
Best Bath Seats for 6 Months Old Babies (Budget, Guides)

Best Bath Seats for 6 Months Old Babies

We have compiled a list of bathtubs and seats that might suit your baby. This list is especially for babies that are six months and above.

Product nameVerdictOverview
Fridababy 4-in-1 Bath TubBest Bath Seat with Tub FeaturesRead Our Expert Review
Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath TubBest Compact Bath SeatRead Our Expert Review
SHXKUAN Inflatable Bathing TubOverall Best Bath Seat for BabiesRead Our Expert Review
Skip Hop Baby Bath TubBest Bath Seat DesignRead Our Expert Review
Summer My Bath SeatMost Secure Bath SeatRead Our Expert Review

Fridababy 4-in-1 Bath Tub

The Fridababy 4-in-1 Bath Tub is the best-selling baby bath seat that can suffice for babies ages 0 to 24 months. It is designed well and it is absolutely safe to bathe infants without any concern.

Our Expert Review

This is the ultimate bathing accessory for infants of all ages. You can even bathe newborns without any difficulty with this bath seat. The size is perfect to fit even small bathrooms and if you have a large bathtub you can simply place it inside the tub and easily bathe your babies.

There aren’t many products that are flexible enough to bathe babies of different ages. This bath seat enables you to bathe newborns with just 0-3 months age, infants of 3-6 months age, toddlers of 6-9 months age, and children of 9-24 months age.

The bath seat comes with an adjustable sling so that you set it up according to the age of your baby. You can also remove the hammock and wash it for reusing with other babies. The washable hammock can dry faster too. For 6 months old babies, you can fix the hammock bar which prevents the baby from falling on their faces.

Apart from these, the tub has stopper plugs to prevent water seepage and it can be removed to drain the water instantly. The floor of the tub is made to be non-slippery which makes it a safe accessory for babies.

The tub has hooks to hang it for drying fast and it helps in using it for other babies. This is the best baby bath seat for 6 months old and if you have many babies, this one product will suffice them all.

Designed for all ages babiesDoesn’t fit in Sinks
Optimal SizeNot easily portable
Good quality hammock
Adjustable hammock
Quick Drying Material
Quick Release Plugs

Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub is a great product that can be used to bathe 6 months old babies. It is highly recommended for families with a small house and those who constantly travel around.

Our Expert Review

Usually, bathtubs for babies can be difficult to store due to their form factor. But an inflatable bath seat is very easy to use and store. You can simply blow it, fill water, bathe your baby, drain the water and deflate it.

This product is an inflatable bath seat, especially for 6 to 24 months babies. The build quality is good and the material is very durable. The seat inflates to two levels and there is a saddle horn at the head to prevent the baby from slipping into the tub.

There are separate inflation tubes for tub sides, bottom, and saddle horn. You can individually inflate and deflate them easily. Since the material is plastic, it can dry pretty quickly and doesn’t require any kind of separate washing.

Once deflated, you can fold the seat and store it conveniently. This tub is best suitable if you have a very small space in your home or there isn’t much room in the bathroom. Also, it is very convenient to take it wherever you travel.

PortableCan get damaged with sharp materials
FoldableDoesn’t fit older babies
Safe Material
Optimal Size
Easy Drying

SHXKUAN Inflatable Bathing Tub

The SHXKUAN Inflatable Bathing Tub is an excellent product and one of the best bath seats for babies. You can even use it for older babies due to its sufficiently large size. If you are looking for a portable product with good features, then this is a great choice.

Our Expert Review

Here we have another inflatable bathtub but with more features. This product is quite large and can even accommodate old children like 3 to 4 years. It is perfect for babies aged 6 months and above.

The bathtub is designed ergonomically to hold young babies with utmost safety and security. There is a headrest that is inclined 45 degrees to keep the spine protected. The inside of the tub is corrugated with an inflated tube which prevents the baby from slipping.

There is a saddle horn that prevents the baby from sliding down the tub filled with water. The primary feature of this tub is that the whole seat is a collection of individual airbags which gives additional comfort as well as safety.

The material of the tub is also high-quality infant-friendly PVC and you don’t have to worry about using warm water for bathing your babies. There is a storage bag at the side which helps to keep soap and other toiletries for bathing the baby.

The bottom is thick and has an anti-skid pad to prevent slipping away from the whole tub. Therefore, you can use it inside a large bathtub or on your bathroom floor without any fear. There is a big release plug that can drain the water completely in a few seconds.

Since the bath seat is quite large, you get an air pump out of the box to easily inflate the tub. This is very handy while traveling and you don’t have to spend a lot of energy.

InflatableSharp objects can damage the tub easily
Safe and Secure
Storage Bag
Air pump provided
Easy drain
Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub

The Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub is a decent product to bathe babies. It is designed well and it can be safely used for bathing babies. The material is good and is an easy recommendation for 6 months old.

Our Expert Review

This is a bathtub with pretty looking style and design that might be adored by babies. It has a whale structure design and it looks great for a bathtub. The tub has a smart sling seating setup which can be adjusted to two different positions to accommodate different aged babies.

The sling seat is made up of dual-layered mesh which can be washed easily and dried quickly. It can be adjusted to accommodate a newborn baby as well as 3 months old infant. You can also remove the sling to accommodate a 6 month old baby.

The sling seat is also cushioned which makes the baby sit comfortably and have a nice bath. Another advantage of this tub is that there are no bumps that might make sitting uncomfortable. You can also roll up the sling seat to accommodate the baby more easily.

Apart from these features, there is a hook to hang the tub for quick drain and easy drying. There is a drain plug in the bottom for quick release of the water from the tub easily. The interior of the tub is non-slippery and ensures the baby’s safety.

Good DesignNot Easily Portable
Compact sizeNo storage bags
Adjustable sling seat
Washable Sling
Non-Slip Interior
Drain Plug

Summer My Bath Seat

The Summer My Bath Seat is a good product and has all the necessary features required for a bath seat. It can be very secure for your babies and you can rely on it without any doubt.

Our Expert Review

This is another great bath seat that can be installed in a bathtub whenever required to bathe your baby. This seat has a comfortable size to accommodate six months old babies. The primary feature of this product is the adjustable suction cups.

There are three suction cups attached to three adjustable rods. Once you place the seat inside the tub, you can adjust the rods to fit the suction cups onto the walls of the tub. This will ensure secure placement of the seat and doesn’t wobble during bath.

The seating is comfortable. It has a high back rest which makes the baby rest comfortably and have a cozy bath. The edges of the seats are rounded so that it doesn’t hurt the baby. The adjustable rods can also get pretty long for easy hooking up with bathtubs of any size.

You can also remove the rods and store them compactly around the bathroom. Overall, this is a unique bath seat with security features to bathe 6 months old comfortably.

Adjustable suction cupsNot easily portable
High Back RestRequires a tub for bathing
Secure fit
Easy Bathing
Quick Cleaning of the seat

What We Recommend?

The SHXKUAN Inflatable Bathing Tub is one of the best-selling baby bath seats for infants and 6 months old babies.

  • It is safe, inflatable, portable, and can be easily folded when not used.
  • It has optimal size and can be used even in small bathrooms.
  • The tub is secure and you can comfortably bathe your babies without any concerns.
  • It has a storage bag to keep the toiletries which makes it a great choice for bathing babies.

Are Bath Seats Safe for Babies?

Anything that is associated with baby care must be used only with parental supervision. Because you cannot predict what a baby will do and it might be very dangerous. Bath seats can also be unsafe when used without parental care. Here are some safety concerns you should keep in mind regarding bath seats:

  • Baby bath seats come with several safety precautions such as a safety belt, support bump or saddle horn, safety bar, and suction cups at the legs for a firm grip. Although these are made with utmost care and don’t fail easily, there is no guarantee that they are fail-safe.
  • There are many incidents where two suction grips failed and the other two got stuck to the bath tub which made the baby drown partially inside the bath tub. Such incidents can happen unexpectedly and most of the time it is due to a lack of supervision.
  • So, bath seats are safe until they are supervised by the parents. The parent should never leave the baby on their own. It is better to prepare everything before bathing the baby and always be at the side of your baby when bathing her.
  • The security features in the bath seats are sufficient to keep the baby safe but make sure that you secure the baby properly with them. Don’t avoid any safety precautions advised by the seat manufacturer.
  • Another important thing is to use proper bath seats according to the age of your baby. This is a major safety precaution you must consider before bathing the baby using bath seats. Newborns cannot be bathed with seats. Therefore, choose your product wisely.

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Bathing a baby is very important. It keeps their body cool and removes residual heat from it. It protects them from microbes and keeps them healthy. Get the best bath seat for your 6 months old and bathe them safely without any concern.

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