What are the Acupuncture Points to Quit Smoking? (Does it work?)

Before starting the topic “Acupuncture points to quit smoking” Let start with a fact. More than 20% of the world population are smokers.

According to WHO, about 8 million people die every year due to the use of tobacco among which 1.2 million are passive smokers.

Smoking doesn’t kill the smoker alone. Rather it kills the people surrounded by them. So, in order to live a prolonged happy life, it’s time to quit smoking.

Smokers are worried about the side effects and withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit their addiction. And because of this, they may revert back to smoking.

Therefore, to avoid this, Acupuncture is an effective medicine to fight this addiction and cleanse the body from its hideous effects.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that involves understanding the basic nature of the human body and maintaining the energy flow cycle.

It primarily offers to help patients in observing the signals and symptoms the body communicates with us and how to handle them.

Apart from that, Acupuncture treats the patients by regulating the energy flow by stimulating the energy meridian points located on the body.

This energy flow is the key factor for the effective function of all the body parts. When this flow is fluid and continuous, the body efficiently clears out the toxins and rejuvenates them.

What are the Acupuncture Points to Quit Smoking? (Does it work?)

Does Acupuncture work to Quit Smoking?

The effect of smoking can be divided into two parts. One being the physical effects and the second is the mental effects that forced smoking into an addiction.

Many people think these two to be separate and try to treat them individually. But Acupuncture proposes that both the mind and the body are interlinked. When one of them is affected, the other gets affected automatically.

According to Acupuncture, smoking is an unnatural habit where by default the body rejects it when we are trying to smoke for the first time.

All the first-time smokers would have experienced severe coughing, sneezing and watery eyes.

These are the ways the body is trying to communicate with the smoker to stop smoking since it is harmful to the body.

But people ignore these signals and force the body to get accustomed to the habit and eventually becomes an addiction.

So, acupuncture trains your mind to understand what the body is trying to communicate with you. Once we understand these signals, we will come to a conclusion that the body will never do wrong to us.

And additionally, by treating on proper meridian points, the body will start to clear out the toxins and refreshes the body parts affected by smoking.

Acupuncture points to Quit Smoking

Stimulating elemental meridian points will ensure the proper energy supply to the concerned organ.

Smoking mainly affects the Lungs. The lungs are the major organ responsible for maintaining Air elemental energy throughout the body.

It removes the accumulated toxins in the form of sneeze and cough which expels phlegm and sputum.

The next medium affected is the blood. Blood is a carrying media that transport and travels throughout the body. The toxins are circulated through the blood which must be cleansed.

The liver helps in removing the toxins of the blood and the organs. So, the intersecting elemental meridian that connects lungs and liver channels must be stimulated.

Acupuncture elemental points that help to quit smoking are LU11, LI 3, LR4 and GB44. Stimulation of any one of these points with an acupuncture needle will regulate the energy flow to the concerned organs.  

The needling requires training and the precise location of the meridian points are known by a trained acupuncturist. It is best to consult an acupuncturist to get the proper treatment.

The acupuncture diagnosis method has the potential to reveal other underlying irregularities in the energy flow and problems in the vital organs. Therefore, consulting an acupuncturist will help you get treated in a holistic manner. 

Apart from the above-mentioned elemental points, studies have shown LU7 known as the Tim Mee point has proven to be effective in changing the taste of the cigarette. With the consultation of your acupuncturist, you may try that point also.

Other Acupuncture Treatments:

How many Sessions are needed for Quit Smoking Treatment?

The number of sessions is purely based on the stage of addiction and the condition of the body. Every human body is unique in its own way.

The function of organs and the basic working may be the same. But the way the body reacts to the problems it is facing is unique. So, the acupuncturist decides the number of sessions.

Initially, smokers are advised to drop the habit immediately once the treatment is initiated.

Then they are advised to visit for treatment once in three days to check up on their withdrawal symptoms and reduction in addiction.

If the addiction is severe, a daily session is advised in order to understand the science behind the working of the body when getting rid of the addiction.

This will enhance their confidence in their body and mentally make them stable.

Once the patients start to feel better, the number of sessions is reduced to weekly once and eventually monthly twice.

After the patients are confident about their health, they can stop visiting the acupuncturist.

The patients will feel the body rejecting the smell of cigarettes once they are cured fully. They will never have to worry about falling into the addiction again.

Is it safe? – Acupuncture Treatment for Quit Smoking

Acupuncture is one of the safest and cheapest treatments to get fully cured of the addiction. There are no side effects in this treatment and no potential harm is done during the treatment also.

The needling will just prick the uppermost layer of the skin slightly and no harm is done to it. Unlike other medicines, acupuncture is all about channeling the energy to the respective organs and maintaining the energy flow.

The blocks in the energy flow occur due to improper lifestyle and unwanted habits such as smoking. This block is released by the needling and the energy channel is normalized.

So, there is nothing to worry about Acupuncture treatment and is safe. The smoker must ensure to keep away from the habit until the body clears away all the toxins and cleanses the body.

Final Words!

Awareness about the harmful effects of smoking has become widespread. This has led people to quit the habit and free their minds and body.

A sound mind in a sound body can only be achieved by understanding the working nature of the body and the way it communicates with us.

Acupuncture treats both the mind and body effectively at the same time.

Smoking is definitely a habit that can be stopped. Because the body doesn’t like the things which harm it. So, the body will immediately adapt to your sober lifestyle once you stop the habit.

In addition, acupuncture regulates the energy channels which will assist you till the addiction wears off.

Get assistance from a trained professional, attend the treatment sessions regularly without fail, and you will start to feel the difference gradually.

The key to your health lies in your determination and steadfastness. The need to live a healthy lifestyle must get deep into your conscious which will propel you towards getting better soon.

Your body doesn’t need anything special to heal, just your consciousness towards it and concern for its well-being is enough to stay healthy.    

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