4 Acupuncture Points for High Uric Acid (How to Cure Naturally?)

Acupuncture treatment helps in the rapid excretion of uric acid from the blood. Also, it helps in relieving the joint pain caused by the crystals. Let us discuss the acupuncture points for high uric acid treatment.

Uric acid in the body is a normally found waste product in the blood. It is created when breaking down a chemical called purines.

The waste product is mostly excreted in the urine by the kidneys. But sometimes consumption of certain foods causes a high level of uric acid in the blood. This results in the formation of uric acid crystals.

The uric acid crystals settle in between the joints. The pointed edges in the crystal cause too much stress in the joints and give severe pain.

4 Acupuncture Points for High Uric Acid (How to Cure Naturally?)

4 Acupuncture Points for High Uric Acid

Acupuncture treatment for high uric acid helps the patients in two ways:

1. To Increase the Excretion Rate of Uric Acid from the Blood


SP is the Spleen meridian. The spleen is responsible for producing blood cells. Also, it gives energy to the body from the food we eat.

SP9 is a meridian point that links the Earth element and the Water element of the body.

Treating at this point helps in clearing the uric acid accumulation in the blood through the kidneys. The water element helps in flushing the toxins with the help of kidneys.

This point is located on the inner head of the tibia bone beside the knee.


KI is the Kidney meridian. Kidneys are responsible for maintaining all the bones and joints of the body.

KI3 links the Water element with the Earth element which works for the process of blood purification.

Treating at this point removes all the waste products from the blood and helps in the recovery of affected joints.

This point is located in the meridian between the ankle joint and the inner side ankle tendon


LU is the lung meridian. Lungs are responsible for keeping the blood rich in oxygen by purifying through the lungs.

Also, the crystals in the joint causes gaps which are filled by air. One of the reasons for joint pain is the accumulation of air in the joints.

LU9 connects the air element to the earth element. This helps in keeping the blood purified as well as releases the air pockets from the joints.

This point is located on the wrist crease end before the tendon on the thumb finger side.

2. To Relieve the Joint Pain


LV is the Liver Meridian. The liver is responsible for clearing all the toxins as well as relieving pain from the body. Therefore, to remove all the uric acid crystals and to recover from pain, the third point of the liver meridian can be used.

It is present on the top side of the foot, in between the bones that join the large toe and the second toe.

Treating at this point channels the energy to the liver and speeds up the toxin excretion process and relieves pain.

These are the major points for treating high uric acid. Any of these points can be chosen for the treatment.

Usually, acupuncturists diagnose the condition and treat the patients in any of the above points. All the points regulate the energy flow to the respective organ.

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Can Acupuncture Lower the Level of Uric Acid?

Yes, acupuncture has the potential to lower uric acid levels by clearing the waste products accumulated in the blood.

The uric acid crystals in the joints and the blood can be excreted with acupuncture treatment. When the organs get proper energy, the removal of waste products will be rapid.

Once the waste is cleared, the pain gets relieved and the body is refreshed. Therefore, acupuncture points for high uric acid treatment work effectively.

Are there any Precautions to Follow before Acupuncture Treatment?

No, you need not follow any kind of precautions. But you should try to implement some dietary and lifestyle changes for the treatment to work with full effect.

Dietary changes include avoiding purine rich foods such as red meat, seafood, organ meats, and alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Lifestyle changes include observing proper night’s sleep and avoiding food when not hungry. Eat only when you have an appetite or hunger.

Sleep early and wake up early. Apart from these, there aren’t any precautions you need to follow.

How to Speed Up the Uric Acid Excretion Process?

Acupuncture treatment helps in the rapid expulsion of waste products from the body. Apart from these, you can observe fasting to further increase the recovery process.

Fasting is to abstain from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset. There are three types of fasting.

Fruit fasting is to eating only fruits whenever you are hungry. This energizes the earth element and purifies the blood.

Water fasting is to drink only a sufficient amount of water whenever you are hungry. The alkalinity in the water neutralizes the acidic content of the body.

Dry fasting is to avoid all kinds of food and drink which help the body to heal. Patients can observe any one type that is suitable for them.

Can we take Drugs along with Acupuncture?

It is not advisable to take prescription drugs or medications while treating with acupuncture. Chemical drugs interfere with the natural working mechanism of the body.

This may hinder the healing process. It is best to avoid all kinds of drugs during the treatment period.

Patients should remember that the body can recover on its own. Drugs do not assist the body in healing.

Consumption of drugs decreases the chances of a speedy recovery. Therefore, one should not consume drugs.


Acupuncture is an effective treatment for all kinds of diseases and disorders. The acupuncture points for high uric acid will assist your body in removing the uric acid crystals that got accumulated in the joints. Also, they help you in curing the pain caused by those crystals.

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