4 Acupressure Points for Dizziness (How does it Work?)

The body communicates with us through various signals. For example, the feeling of hunger, thirst, tiredness, etc. are certain types of signals it is sending out to us. Let us discuss the acupressure points for dizziness.

It is important to understand and respond to those signals without fail. Because they are pointing out the energy deficiency in the body and ignoring them will lead to weakness in the primary organs of the body.

Dizziness is an unbalanced feeling that occurs for a certain duration and makes us lose consciousness or control over voluntary actions.

This may occur due to several reasons. But in general, according to acupressure, it occurs due to energy deficiency in any of the five elements.

4 Acupressure Points for Dizziness (How does it Work?)

Dizziness and Acupressure – How does it Work?

Acupressure helps in regulating the energy flow of the body by stimulating pressure points.

There are hundreds of pressure points all over the human body which absorb energy from the fundamental elements of the universe and supply it to the organs for functioning.

Dizziness is a common symptom experienced due to a lack of energy. Regulating the lifestyle automatically restores the required level of energy for our living. It is possible to maintain a healthy life just by obeying the signals sent out by the body.

When there is a deficiency in the energy flow, it can cause problems like dizziness. Because, according to acupressure, all health problems occur due to improper lifestyle which results in an imbalance in the energy flow.

By following acupressure methods, you can easily regulate your energy flow back to normal. Also, whenever you are feeling dizzy, you can stimulate the acupressure points to cure it within a few seconds.

Along with that when you follow a healthy routine and lifestyle, your body will not experience any sort of disease or sickness.

Acupressure Points for Dizziness

In order to regulate the energy flow back to its fluidity, these are some of the acupressure points for dizziness you can treat yourself with.

1. PC-6:

PC is the Pericardium channel. The pressure point lies two and a half finger widths above (towards the shoulder) wrist crease. It is popularly known for treating dizziness.

2. KI-1:

KI is the kidney channel. This pressure point is situated in the bottom side of the feet exactly two-thirds above the heel right at the middle of the depression. It helps in recovering unconscious patients.

3. LR-3:

LR is the Liver channel. This pressure point is located in the upper side of the feet at the backside of the depression felt when folding the second toe. It helps in regulating the energy flow to digestion and provides stability during dizziness.

4. ST-36:

ST represents the stomach channel. It is present in the shin muscle outside the tibia bone. By applying pressure to this point, you can regulate the digestive process hence the blood pressure is brought back to normal. People affected by dizziness due to irregular blood pressure can have immediate relief using this point.

These pressure points must be pressurized using a thumb finger in a circular motion for about five minutes daily to recover from dizziness. Also, it can be used to treat difficult situations.

Other Acupressure Treatments:

Do I Need Several Sessions for Dizziness After Using Acupressure?

Every human body is unique. Therefore, it might take different time periods to recover from a problem like dizziness for different people. Acupressure is a home remedy that is very useful for treating dizziness immediately.

People tend to get dizzy at certain circumstances such as travel, long hours of work, etc. During such times acupressure helps us to recover from it and continue our work. For permanent recovery, you may try acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture is the stimulation of energy meridians using a needle. It requires a licensed acupuncturist to provide the treatment.

Therefore, you might have to visit an acupuncturist for a certain number of sessions according to the health condition of your body.

Acupuncture doesn’t generalize the sessions of treatment even for common symptoms like dizziness or pain.

Usually, acupuncture treatment can opt once in three days initially. Once there is a certain amount of recovery, your acupuncturist will advise you to come weekly once. Then if you are fully cured no need to visit the therapy. This is the common timeline for treatment in acupuncture.

Apart from this, five minutes of acupressure at the above said meridian points will also help you to maintain the energy flow in the body.

According to the recovery, you might leave off the acupressure routine from your daily schedule.

What kind of Dizziness can Work with Acupressure?

Vertigo like dizziness, dizziness that occurs due to low blood pressure, occasional fainting, and dizziness due to fatigue can be treated with acupressure.

There is no incurable condition in acupuncture and acupressure. Every problem can be treated and cured fully using this medicine.

The best way to treat dizziness is to combine acupressure with acupuncture to get cured completely.

As we had mentioned earlier, dizziness is caused due to energy deficiency. Therefore, acupuncture has one of the best treatment methods to compensate for the energy deficiency and aid the body to heal and recover completely.

Acupressure has the means to regulate the energy channels properly to absorb the required energy and distribute it to the respective organs for proper functioning.

So, no need to worry about the kind of dizziness. Acupressure and acupuncture can handle any kind of dizziness and cure them completely.


Understand your body to unlock the secrets to a healthy life. Acupressure points for dizziness help you to with this and help you to recover from long lasting illnesses with ease.

The ultimate motive a human should possess is to live a healthy and happy life. Nowadays most of the afflictions are health related due to our lifestyle.

So, it is very important to take care of our health with utmost care. Our body heals and maintains itself constantly.

A person must work along with the body to understand its requirements so that health related afflictions can be avoided. This is how one can avoid health issues or treat one if afflicted with any of them.

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